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NIMONIC alloys consist of nickel and chromium as the principal components. High-temperature low creep and good corrosion resistance are some of the characteristics of these alloys. Additives like carbon, titanium and aluminium enhances the toughness of the alloy. Some of the NIMONIC alloys available commercially are NIMONIC 75, NIMONIC 80A, 81, 86 and NIMONIC PE11 and 16. NIMONIC alloy 86 is an alloy of nickel-chromium-molybdenum. It exhibits good weldability, workability, ductility and creep. It also exhibits excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures. The additive for this alloy is cerium, a rare-earth. This alloy is available in the form of sheet, strip, round, extruded section and wire. Alloy 86 has good formability and weldability with exceptional resistance to oxidation and scaling to 1050°C (1920°F). Alloy 86 is quite rare due to its "Cerium" addition although it is widely used in afterburners and heat treating furnaces.

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▪ MSRR 7152 Sheet ▪ MSRR 7141 Bar ▪ Tradename's: NIMONIC 86
Element Content (%)
Nickel, Ni 65
Chromium, Cr 25
Molybdenum, Mo 10
Carbon, C 0.05
Cerium, Ce 0.03
Material Treatment Temperature °C UltimateTensile Strength MPa Yield Strength (0.2% Offset) MPa Elongation on 5.65 √ 50(%)
Alloy 86 Bar Heat Treatment 4h/1150°C/ AC 300 251 692 49
Alloy 86 Bar Heat Treatment 4h/1150°C/ AC 500 243 661 54
Alloy 86 Bar Heat Treatment 4h/1150°C/ AC 700 239 557 56
Alloy 86 Bar Heat Treatment 4h/1150°C/ AC 850 173 319 69
The NIMONIC alloy 86 is used in the following applications: ▪ Gas turbine engineering ▪ Industrial furnaces ▪ Combustion chambers.The conventional machining methods used on iron alloys may be used for this alloy. This alloy work-hardens during machining and exhibits higher strength.NIMONIC alloy 86 can be welded using common techniques, using a matching filler metal. Cold working may be done on the alloy for hardening. NIMONIC alloy 86 should be solution annealed.

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